5 Travel Tips

Plan a trip! Summer is coming up and we all need to take a break from our day to day responsibilities. Here are 5 tips to consider when traveling:

1. Don’t travel with just anyone. The PEOPLE that you travel with will greatly affect the experience, so choose wisely. If you want to enjoy your trip you may not want to invite the friend with the bad attitude. Keep in mind that you will constantly be with your travel partners for several days. If you want to enjoy your trip you can’t travel with just anyone.

2. Save money. You CAN travel on a budget. Instead of flying consider driving. If you travel with a group you can split costs. Buy snacks before the trip so you don’t have to buy over-priced food while traveling.

3. Pack light. Less stuff to tote means less stuff to forget. Pack only what you need and coordinate outfits so you don’t have to take multiple shoes/accessories/etc. Keep it SIMPLE.

4. Stay CALM. Traveling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Laugh things off, don’t take everything so serious. If something doesn’t work out, just do something different. Remember that you are taking a vacation because you need to enjoy yourself. Don’t ruin the trip, just stay calm.

5. Forget planning and JUST GO! Planning is a must for some trips, but not for all. Our life needs a healthy balance of order and spontaneity. Sometimes we just need to decide at the last minute, pack a bag, and just go!

I’m in New Orleans!

New Orleans is a party city! It has the feel of New York with diverse people crowding the streets enjoying the scene.

The scene is filled with the aroma of seafood, street entertainers including young boys tap dancing, older men hip-hop dancing and flipping, and drunk guys overhead dangling beads… Yes, the beads are not free.

The thing that all of them have in common is that they all want something from you. The performers make it very clear that they want tips. They have tip boxes and one group made it clear that they do this for tips. They were funny, they said “Your tips will keep us out of two places- the poor house and your house.”

I had no idea that New Orleans would remind me so much of New York. The crowds, the streets, the DIVERSITY. I love how you have tons of different people in one spot with one common goal- to enjoy the city.

There were black (according to Wikipedia New Orleans is 60% black), whites, young, old, single, coupled, plus much more. There was so much variety! A beautiful sight to see.

Yesterday we spent most of our time walking the streets. You know Bourbon Street, Canal Street; the streets that make New Orleans New Orleans. We observed, walked, talked, laughed, took pictures, oh yeah and of course we ate. The food was DELICIOUS.

Day 1 in New Orleans was amazing. I’m looking forward to day 2! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the holiday weekend! 🙂