Simple, cheap recipe: Taco Soup

I got this recipe off Pinterest and I loved it! Quick preparation plus simple, cheap ingredients! Totally a winner. Everyone loved it. The only thing I will change going forward is I will use mild Rotel. It was a little bit spicy for Maraya.

Other than that, it was perfect. Definitely a winner for the fall/winter months. Plus, it’s great as leftovers. 🙂

Here is the link:


Practice Compromising

Compromising doesn’t come naturally to any of us.  It certainly doesn’t come natural to me!  All of us want what we want, when we want it, and how we want it.  Who doesn’t like getting their way?

Compromise is one of those words that we don’t always like to hear.  It sounds like we’re giving up something, missing out, or surrendering to someone else.  It just doesn’t sound fun!

But one thing that I’m learning is that in life (and especially relationships!) we should most definitely practice compromising.  As we grow we should think less about getting our way and more about getting along.  We should focus more on the needs of others and less on ourselves.

The cool thing is that when you focus on others they will automatically want to focus on your needs.  It honestly can be a win-win.

Compromising is a way of reaching an agreement when each person gives up something that was wanted in order to end an argument or dispute.  And honestly if compromising becomes a way of life then there will be much less arguments anyway.

It’s kind of like preventive maintenance.  Practice compromising now in order to prevent big issues in the future.

If a relationship doesn’t have compromise then one person will end up getting burnt out!  No one can handle always making someone else happy while they are left out in the cold.  No relationship will survive this way.

Instead, each party should consider each other’s needs and be considerate when making decisions.  Next time you go out to eat, let the other person choose.  Or instead of watching your show, just give them the remote.  Stop always getting your way!

Go on give it a try.  Practice compromising in your life!  🙂

Gain Peace Before Bed!


No matter what occurs during the day, we must gain peace before bed.  We have to take the time to reflect upon the day before moving on to a new one.

We have to let go of the arguments, failures, or any mistakes that we made.  Each day will have good and bad, but we have to be intentional to let the bad go.

It’s unproductive to carry yesterday’s failures into a new day.  Each day will have worries of its own.  There is no need to let them pile up.  We must start each day new.

Before bed we must accept everything that occurred during the day.  We should learn from our mistakes and apologize when needed.  We should forgive others for their shortcomings.  Don’t dwell on what didn’t work out.

Regardless of what happened today, just know that it will all be okay.  Put it all into perspective.  Reflect upon it all and say “I have peace with everything.”

Do whatever it takes for you to gain peace.  For me I can play a little worship music and write.  This helps me to gain peace.  But do whatever it takes for you.

Do whatever you have to do to gain peace before bed.  Tomorrow depends on it.

Much love,