FROZEN: The Movie


Went and saw the movie “FROZEN” today with my daughter and it was a great movie!  Here are 5 thoughts..

1. True love can break curses and bring life.

2. We’re all fixer-uppers, needing a little love.

3. Things are not always as they appear.  Sometimes hideous, ugly motives can hide behind an attractive physique.

4. Don’t fall in love so soon.  Emotions are unreliable.  Take time to get to know the person, their story, and their character; BEFORE you fall for them.

5. Love doesn’t give up on loved ones.  It sacrifices and even suffers for it.

The movie and story line were great- definitely a Disney fairy-tale.  We enjoyed it and we aren’t the only ones.  According to Yahoo! MOVIES the box office revenue is $192, 034, 112.

10 Thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast”!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”!  Oh my gosh!  I just watched it with my daughter, and goodness I just love it!

I’m the type of the person that internalizes and thinks about everything, so let me share 10 thoughts that I have on “Beauty & The Beast”!

1. Love will make a way.  Even when it doesn’t look like it could be, true love will prevail.

2. Some people can really look the part, yet they are not the one.

3. Appearances tell very little.  Sometimes the greatest character can be hid by an ugly face.

4. Beautiful women are beautiful inside and out.

5. Beautiful women read.  (Giggles)  🙂

6. Beautiful women are bold, gentle, loving, smart, and outspoken.

7. Some men need to be taught how to love.

8. Women have to be patient with men.  Men need to watch their tempers.

9. Some women fall for anything.  If the man is fine, they will fall.  This is stupid.

10. Women get chosen by men.  We only reply.

Hope you enjoyed!  WATCH THIS MOVIE!  It is a must see for ummmmm EVERYONE!  🙂

5 Lines From The Movie “B.A.P.S.”

BAPS-Unofficial-SoundtrackIf you’ve never seen the movie “B.A.P.S.”, it is a comedy from 1997 starring Halle Berry.  Directed by Robert Townsend, who also starred in the movie “The Five Heartbeats”, “B.A.P.S.” is a comedy that unfolds the story of two young, black waitresses from Georgia that end up ‘living large’ and experiencing the finer things of life in Beverly Hills.

With scenes ranging from one of the girls screaming and running out of the pool when she got her hair wet, to Halle Berry fighting a burglar, this movie is bound to keep you laughing!

Although it is a comedy, the movie nicely weaves in great lines as well as great lessons.  Below are 5 lines from the movie “B.A.P.S.”

1. “Money makes people do the strangest things.”

2. “I almost lost all my dreams when I was a very young man.  Fortunately there was a skinny, bowlegged girl who was filled with dreams.  Everything I have today is because of her.”

3. “There is no fortune worth the loss of a true love.   Some things are priceless.”

4. “All I know is I’ve had one dream, and one dream only since high school- and that’s to be with you.”

The movie is a comedy, so lastly…

5. “I want to take you out to dinner.  Every time we go out we got to watch other people eat.  Hell, I wanna eat too.”

Hope you enjoyed!  For more information on “B.A.P.S.” click here.