Book: Sojourner Truth

I just read my first book of 2015 and it was the life of Sojourner Truth.  I grabbed it last week at Mardel and I’ve completely read it already.  I’m thinking there’s only been one other book that I’ve read as fast.

Where do I start?  This is one of those books that when you finish you just sit in silence.  It’s a mind and attitude changer.  Honestly, the book almost has me speechless.  I’m not speedily flowing as I write, but rather I’m gathering my words and thoughts.

Blacks and women.  These two groups have seen some very tough times.  I happen to be both: a black woman.  This book and Sojourner’s life and struggles really hit me deep in the soul.  It wasn’t a fun, exciting, or cheerful read; but rather a strengthening, eye-opening, and perspective shifting read.

This is most certainly a book that I will never forget.  It has deposited substance in me that can never be taken away.

Even though today we most certainly have problems, they in no way compare to the struggles that blacks faced approximately 200 years ago.  To watch your child be sold away into slavery and not be able to do anything about it is a struggle that I cannot even comprehend.  As I read this section of the book I stopped and gave thanks to God that I am able to keep and raise my kids.  Yes, reading this book made me thankful for things that we so easily take for granted.

Let me share a few quotes of Sojourner’s so you can better understand her heart:

– “What does intelligence have to do with rights?”

– “When you’ve got to cry, cry alone.”

– “I have no money, but God has enough.”

– “The rich rob the poor and the poor rob one another.”

– “Farewell, friends.  I must be about my Father’s business.”

– “Slavery must be destroyed, root and branch.”

I’ll stop there but I will say that I’m extremely thankful for this book and more importantly for the life of Sojourner Truth.

Click here to learn more about the book.  Click here to learn more about Sojourner Truth.

Finally Finished, I’m Overwhelmed

Clarence Thomas

I finally finished Clarence Thomas’s memoir today and I’m overwhelmed.  I’m overwhelmed with understanding, knowledge, compassion, and wisdom.

This book has reaffirmed my love for biographies.  We have a tendency to marvel and awe at those in top position without considering for one moment what ‘hell’ they may have had to go through to get there.

Additionally, we’re quick to become critical and judgmental of those in top positions.  We critique their way of doing things, their beliefs, and even their political party so much that we tend to forget that they are merely a human being, just like us.

I’m so thankful to Clarence for going into such great detail on his life.  He dove right into his harsh upbringing as a poor, black boy in the south.  He shared details on his most self-destructing moments; he shared those moments where he even questioned the point of living.  You know those moments we’ve all had at one time or another.

He was genuine and direct regarding his failures as a man and as a husband in his first marriage.  He expressed his ignorance of not embracing the only man that loved him like his own.  He admitted to pride, he admitted to turning his back on God, he admitted to making mistakes.

This book walks you through his life and the even more challenging climb to the Supreme Court.  I would have never imagined the extent of his difficulties.  I admire him for telling his story with detail and emotion.

At times I was saddened in my gut at the pressure he had to withstand.  His story clearly shows that the higher you climb, the more pain you may have to endure.

Clarence’s grandfather told him “Son, you have to stand up for what you believe in.”   This was a driving force in his life and one he stood firm on even when the going got tough.

In closing, I must share this.  When Virginia, Clarence’s wife, advised him that he had been confirmed to the Supreme Court his reply was “Whoop-dee-damn-doo”.

His soul and spirit had been tested so severely that one of the biggest moments in his life seemed insignificant.

As I read this I thought of how when God elevates us he may also allow other situations to simultaneously humble us.

I must say, and I’m sure Clarence would agree, that there is no way he would have made it to the Supreme Court without the Lord.

Was Cold & Hungry, Now Supreme Court Justice

This is the book I’m currently reading. I’ve only read the preface so far but when I read this…

“I am forever indebted to my son, Jamal, who gave me a reason to live when I thought I had none.”

I had to write.

I can totally relate to that statement, and I know many others can also. It’s so funny how us as humans have so much more in common than we sometimes think.

According to, Clarence “knew what it was like to be cold and to be hungry.” I love memoirs because they show you the struggles as well as the successes.

I’m excited about this book.


BOOK: How to Hear from God

I just finished this book by Joyce Meyer and oh my goodness. It was an amazing read! I encourage you to read it, but let me share a few quick points with you:

– “Seek God and let Him choose how and through whom He wants to speak.”

– “I have heard God speak to me through children and adults who had no idea that what they were saying was a direct word from The Lord for me.”

– “Whatever we may go through is absolutely nothing compared to the good things that God is going to do in our lives as we continue to press on with Him.”

– “If we aren’t going to be obedient to God and allow Him to govern our lives in that which is little, then He will never make us rulers over much.”

– “The bottom line is, we don’t have to know the why behind everything- we just need to learn to obey.”

– “He doesn’t ask us to live perfectly; He just asks us to trust Him and obey Him.

– “We need to be quiet and peaceful in order to hear Him.”

– “It is not possible to have God’s blessings and continue to pursue desires of the flesh.”

– “If you lose your peace when you say something, God is speaking to you.”

– The primary way we hear from God is through His still, small voice within, or that inner witness.”

And I must share this prayer!

Joyce wrote…

“A good way to start each day would be to pray:


I care about what You think, and I don’t want to be doing things that You don’t want me to do. If I start to do anything today that You don’t want me to do, please show me what it is so I can stop it and do Your will.


I Want It ALL: Am I a Feminist??

wonder women

I want a loving, spiritual, strong, fine husband.  I want to have sex with him at random times, in random places, all the time.  I want degrees.  I want tons of money, a big house, and I want to take exquisite vacations.  I want several children- all smart, loving, and obedient.  I want it ALL.

Growing up I never knew much about feminism, but I love college for immersing me in information.  I’m not radical; I am a Christian and I believe in order within a household with the husband being the head, but there is a certain group of feminists that I may belong to.  I may fit perfectly within the group of women that believe they can do it all.

I appreciate feminist’s movements because there was a time when women weren’t in colleges, boardrooms, or medical schools; but now we are.  We’re in there in stilettos, sexy curves, and earrings.  I’m thankful for the movements that have made it possible for me to believe, dream, and know that I can do it all.  And succeed.

Pardon me if I’m a bit dramatic.  I’m just starting this new book and I’m a tad excited.  Please forgive me.  😉

Friends kill friends

Killing Jesus

Yesterday I started the book “Killing Jesus” by Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard.  Reading this book has me noticing a trend- friends kill friends.

The book is detailing the shocking events that lead up to the crucifixion of Jesus.  It also goes into detail on other legendary figures of this time period, including Julius Caesar.

I love history books because people are people, and although times are much different now, people tend to remain the same.  Desires, actions, and motives repeat themselves throughout history.  Let me tell you about the trend I’m noticing…

In case you’re not familiar with the deaths of Caesar and Jesus, they were both plotted against by friends.  Caesar was plotted against and brutally assassinated by the senators that worked with him, and Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples.

While vividly describing the attack that leads to Caesar’s bloody death, the book reads “Caesar sees the faces of enemies, but even more faces are those of friends”.

This has me thinking- We all have to use wisdom when selecting and maintaining friendships.  The Bible clearly tells us that there is nothing new under the sun and what is being done now has already been done.  Unfortunately, tragic betrayals are still occurring today.

Here are 5 thoughts:

1. Jealously and fear will cause people to come against you, even if you treat them right.

2. People with power or successful lives are commonly plotted against.

3. If you have something that others want, it may cause them to attempt to hurt you.  Even though them hurting you will not give them what they want.

4. Those people that are always friendly, smiling in your face, kissing you may have secret motives.  Jesus and Caesar both were kissed by their betrayers right before their attacks.

5. Don’t be so conceited or naïve to think that you can’t be betrayed.  No one sees it coming.  We don’t know everything.

Please understand that I’m not saying that we shouldn’t trust anyone around us, I’m just saying to be alert.  A friend may not kill us, but maybe their motives aren’t pure.  Pray for wisdom and discernment so that you may be able to identify hidden motives.

Also, thank God for the few people in your circle who are truly there for you!  We all have those few, true, and faithful friends.

I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because to say it first is right!  Who wants to be second and wrong?!