LIFE: Much is Required

The more we gain in life, the more that is required of us.

It’s amazing how so often we cry “more, more” without even realizing what that more will require of us.  For every gain there is a cost.  I believe sometimes we ask for more out of selfishness and immaturity without realizing everything that will come along with more.

Life is all about balance, which requires wisdom.  I’m not at all saying that more is bad, I’m saying that we must realize and understand that with more comes more responsibility.  We often expect to gain more but do less.  More can make life easier in certain ways, but in other ways it requires more.  I’m finding that as the Lord blesses me He requires more love, more humility, more patience, more understanding.  I have to spend more time with Him in order to properly manage the more that He’s given me!

“For unto whomsover much is given, of him shall be much required:”  – Luke 12:48b

To whom much is given, much is required.  The more the Lord gives us, the more the Lord requires of us.

First of all, the Lord is concerned with our hearts (I Samuel 16:7).  Before I discuss the physical requirements that we may face with our gains, there are first spiritual requirements.

 When I read scripture, I see a common theme with those that the Lord chose and bestowed His favor on: They lived with a higher moral standard than most.  They lived close to God so they were wise, they were servants, they were pure hearted.  They didn’t succumb to the evil around them.  They trusted God and time and time again I see that God took care of them, their issues, their enemies..  They trusted first, then they were vindicated.

I see that their favor came with a cost, their blessings didn’t come easy, yet they persisted and God took care of them.

To whom much is given, must is required.

The world paints a picture that we should simply gain, gain, gain and it’s all good.  The world tells us that we should always get more, but gaining should not always be our objective.  Satan always has a carrot to dangle in front of us, and we think “If I had that I would be happy”, without ever thinking about what our desires will require of us or what they will cost us.

After the spiritual requirements, we must keep in mind that more requires more out of us physically.  More money requires more wisdom to use it wisely and more intention to tell it where it go, a bigger home requires more time cleaning and more maintenance, a nicer care requires more upkeep, a promotion comes with more responsibility.

Most often our more will require more of our time.

Again, I’m not discouraging more, I’m just encouraging us to allow God to bless us with more because He knows what we can handle and what we can’t.   Also, more is not always best.  I’ve learned that in many situations, less is more.  Many, many times God has physically taken something away from me and it has given me more. 

My husband often says: Only God can multiply by dividing and add by subtracting.

As we journey through life, let’s remember that it’s not always about having more.  Let’s not compare what we have to others, as we don’t know what their more is costing them.  Let’s be content.  Let’s be grateful, humble, trusting God to bless us with more as He sees fit, remembering that it’s all about the heart. 

I’m reminded of Solomon- God asked him his heart’s desires: “Ask what I shall give thee” (I Kings 3:5).  

Solomon’s reply?

An understanding heart (I Kings 3:9).

 “And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing” (I Kings 3:10).

God was so pleased with Solomon’s request that he gave him what he asked for + what he did not ask for: riches and honour (I Kings 3:13).

What a lesson.  It’s not about the more, it’s about the heart.

“He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?”  – Romans 8:32


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