Cheryl Denise Blue

The Lord chose you.  He chose you to birth me.  You, above all, are Mother.  My Mother.

I respect you as such, and I always will.  I know none stronger.  Through it all, you kept fighting.  You are a fighter.  I’ve watched you fight.  I thank God that He allowed our relationship to come full circle.  Through it all, we made it to a place of love- genuine love, respect, and complete acceptance.  Complete unwavering acceptance.  I constantly assured you that I loved you.  I really did.  I do.  I constantly assured you that I forgave you.  Completely.  Guilt had no place with us.  With you.  And you, you constantly assured me of your love for me.  You said:

“Margo, I’ll always love you.”

It seems we had just what each of us needed: Love, Acceptance.  I’m not sure if I ever told you, but I am so proud of you.  So proud.  Only the Lord knows what you had to fight, but you did just that: You fought.  You fought under stress that many would’ve buckled under, but not you.  The Lord armed you with just the amount of strength that you would need.

I learned from you.  I did.  Because of you, I said no.  I said no, and I know without a doubt that it could’ve been me.  It could’ve been me.  Mother, I love you, I respect you, I admire you, and I will carry you in my heart all of my days.  I thank God for you, Cheryl Denise Blue. My mommy.

Love Always, Your only daughter,


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