17 Things I Learned in 2017

We’ve entered a NEW YEAR. Now what?

Before I can move forward in the NEW I have to deal with the OLD.  What do I need to leave behind?  What am I supposed to take with me? 

What did I learn?

1. There is always resistance in doing right.  Just because God opens your eyes to something doesn’t mean that it will be easy to walk it out.

2. The Lord has to humble us to get the best out of us.

3. My feelings don’t control me; I have the power to control my feelings.  We don’t have to just give in to how we feel.  We have to learn how to manage our feelings.

 4. Preparation is necessary.  If I don’t prepare myself for certain situations, I will fail every time.

5. Obedience is for my own good.  Sometimes our misery is because we are not obeying God.

6. People come and people go.  I’m learning to hold people & things with a loose grip.

7. Money comes and money goes.

8. Forgive quickly.  Life isn’t promised to any of us.

9. Most of the time, our problems with others only reveal problems within us.

10. Suffering is apart of the Christian life.

11. We have wounds that we’re not even aware of.

12. Our past will limit us if we don’t deal with it head on.  Deal with it and move on, knowing that your past has no power over you.  God has ALL-POWER and nothing is impossible with God.

13. Growth takes time.  We can’t expect perfection from ourselves, or others.

14. It’ll happen at the right time.  What’s meant to be doesn’t need to be forced.

15. Sometimes life is just hard.  When it is we have to do our best, keep the right attitude, and depend on the Word of God more than anything else.  

16. Sometimes we just have to let go.  Let go and move on with no apologies.

17. Through it all we have to trust God.  Trust His Word.  Believe it more than we believe anything.  God’s Word trumps everything.


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