You Need Healing

You need healing.  I need healing.  We all need healing.

So many of our issues in life are a result of unhealed wounds.  Recently, my pastor said that The Word heals us.  I had never thought of it like that, but that is so true.  We are wounded and often times we don’t even realize it.  Sometimes we do know it, but we try so hard to cover up. 

We cover up but that’s the exact opposite of what we need to do.  We actually need to expose it and get it out.  We conceal when we really need to reveal.  We surely don’t need to talk to just anyone about our inner struggles, but we do need to talk to someone.  Sometimes the best person to take it to is God Himself.  We need to learn how to confess to Him.  

“When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long.”  – Psalm 32:3

Our physical health suffers as a result of us holding things in.

I’m currently reading Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer, and she discusses how it took her about 13 years to heal emotionally after experiencing sexual abuse.  That really spoke to me.  We may physically recover from an incident, but our souls are still very much damaged.  We have to change our thinking, our attitudes, our mindsets, our feelings.  We need a new identity!  One that has nothing to do with what we’ve been through, but has everything to do with who we are in Christ.  His Word has the final say- nothing else matters.

Our minds need healing, our souls need healing, our emotions are all jacked up because we are wounded.

Though everyone hasn’t experienced sexual abuse, we all have wounds and hurts that will hold us back if we don’t deal with them.  Have you ever read something in the Bible that you found hard to believe?  There are many scriptures that have left me in disbelief, in tears, in uncontainable joy at reading some of God’s promises.

You know why they affected me that way?  Because I’ve been wounded, hurt and The Word brought healing to me.  It changed my mind.

The Bible does heal us.  It shows us where we are wrong, where our thinking is falling short, where we need to change our attitude.  The Word is a balancer of emotions.  It can even provide understanding into some of our emotions.  The Word opens our eyes and allows us to understand ourselves and why we respond the way we do.  

I encourage you to take some time today and get honest with God.  If you’re not sure where you are wounded ask Him to show you.  If you do know, then ask God to walk you through the complete healing process.  

Until we deal with our wounds we are literally just the walking dead.  Not able to fully live and enjoy life because something is holding us back.  Weighing us down.

Jesus came so that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10), but I’m realizing that if we don’t take the time to deal with our wounded souls then we will never be able to live the life that Jesus died for us to live.  No amount of money can do it.  

We need healing in our souls.


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