Preparation Precedes Success

So often we strive for things that we aren’t even prepared for.  

We think we want something, but we have no idea how to even handle it.  We should spend more time preparing ourselves than we do striving to get something.

The Lord has given me glimpses of things to come in my life, and at the same time He’s slowing me down and assuring me that I don’t need to strive to try and make it all happen.  It won’t happen tomorrow, and right now I have today.  I have to focus on living in today, enjoying my today, and preparing myself for the things to come.

Let’s better ourselves today so we will be prepared to handle what will come tomorrow.  So often we overlook the needs of today, because we’re so busy striving.  We ignore the condition of our hearts, we neglect our relationships, we even overlook the needs of our children because we’re so focused on making something happen.

We have to slow down.  

Yes, the Lord has plans for us.  Yes, it’s bigger than we could ever imagine, but He does not need our help to bring it to pass.  Although it is hard for us to try not to control everything (because we’ve attempted to control everything for so long) the Lord does not need our help.

The best thing that we can do is follow Him.  Though it seems unproductive (like we could be doing more) it’s actually the most fulfilling and productive thing that we could do.  There were times in my life when I was straight up busy, but I was not moving forward in life nor in my life’s purpose.  Now that I’m following Christ (placing Him above everything) I’m not busy but I’m very productive doing what matters- moving forward in the plans that HE has for me.

As we follow Christ, He will guide us to that special place that HE has for us.  There are some places that we can only get to with him.  We shortchange ourselves by trying to do it ourselves.  

“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”  – Proverbs 10:22

The Lord has plans for us.  Plans to prosper us, plans to bless us, but we must follow Him to receive His plans.  As we do, He will bless us and add no sorrow with it.

The Lord prepares us for our blessings.

The best thing we can do is follow Him.  As we follow Christ, He’s doing more than we could ever do by trying to make it happen with our own efforts.  God is so magnificent that while we think we’re merely following Him, just being in His presence is doing more than we can even comprehend!

Following Christ changes our minds, cleanses our hearts, gives us ideas, gives us clarity and purpose, AND He grows us in love, understanding, humility, and compassion- all of which are necessary for our success.

Don’t miss it.  Prepare yourself by following Christ.

Preparation precedes success.


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