Forgiving is growing

Forgiving those that hurt us is one of the hardest things we have to do in life.  All of us have experienced hurts, yet very few of us truly forgive.  Forgiveness is not easy, but it is so worth it.

1. Forgiving is growing.  In order to forgive you must grow.  Forgiveness will not occur on its own- it is an intentional effort that we must make.  We must grow past our feelings, our hurts, and our natural tendencies.  In order to forgive we must grow.

2. Forgiving is freeing.  Until we forgive we are carrying our hurts around with us.  We wonder why we can’t get very far in life, why our emotions are unhealthy, and why we’re angry.  It’s because we’re toting stuff that can only weigh us down.  Unforgiveness weighs us down. And it won’t let us get very far and surely not very fast, so we will be going nowhere fast.  Forgiveness frees you up, it lightens your load.  Forgiveness frees you so you are able to accomplish all that God has planned for you to accomplish.  Don’t let unforgiveness hold you back.

3. Forgiving is restoring. To forgive is to restore.  Forgiveness restores relationships- it takes away the resentment and anger.  Now, forgiving doesn’t equate to obligation.  Just because you forgive doesn’t mean that you are obligated to walk intimately with someone.  That may come, but forgiving restores the relationship so you are not consumed with the hurt.  Keep in mind that wisdom as well as love comes from God, so as you forgive use wisdom to govern all of your relationships- especially intimate ones.

4. Forgiving is maturing. The weak are unable to forgive.  It takes strength and maturity to forgive, so as you forgive know that you are maturing.  You have enough maturity to even initiate forgiveness, and will continue to mature as you continue to walk through the process of forgiving.  The immature have no desire to forgive.  Know that your ability to forgive correlates with your maturity and growth.  Forgiving is maturing.

5. Forgiving is necessary. If we don’t learn how to forgive we will end up toting a lot of unsettled issues in our heart.  Those heart issues will prevent us from loving, trusting, and growing.  Don’t let unforgiveness prevent you from living your best life. Hurts are apart of life, which is why forgiveness is so necessary. 

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”  – Romans 12:21

Consider Jesus: He lived a perfect life.  He came to Earth in humility and love and yet He was persecuted, rejected, and crucified.  He was rejected because of the insecurities in the hearts of men, but He didn’t let that stop Him- He kept on loving.  He went to the cross in love.  Ministering to hearts all along the way.

What do you need to let go of?  Don’t let anything stop you from loving.  Don’t let anything stop you from fulfilling the plans that God has for your life.  Don’t let anything stop you from forgiving.

“Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.” – Romans 12: 14

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