5 Ways to Learn From Life

We should constantly be learning something.  

If we aren’t it may be because we’re not open to it.  Sometimes we unintentionally prevent ourselves from learning.  We think that our success in life depends on knowing, but I’m learning it depends more on not knowing.  Not knowing and humbling admitting that we don’t know it all is the starting point for learning.  Let’s not go through life facing the same situations over and over without learning from them…

Here are 5 way to learn from life:

1. Peace.  You may have to fight for it but it’s so worth it.  Get quiet.  Turn everything off. T.v., music, social media, phones, everything.  All those things tend to distract us from peace and dealing with our real issues.  Don’t allow those things that really don’t even matter much prevent you from dealing with things that really do matter.  Prioritize peace, order, and quietness in your life.  Sometimes it has to get quiet for us to learn..

2. Reflection.  Look within.  Spend more time looking in than out.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone, just be your best you.  Look within and deal with yourself.  Ask yourself why you do the things you do.  What are the negative things you harbor in your heart?  What about your thoughts?  Reflect and spend some time with yourself.

3. Humility.  Humble yourself and deal with your issues!  Don’t be afraid or ashamed to admit your shortcomings.  You don’t have to announce it to the world, but humble yourself so you can face what you see.  Confess your sins to God.  He is faithful and just and will forgive you.  It’s not about what you find but rather what you do with it.  Don’t be so afraid of what you will find that you never face it.  That’s weak.  Be strong, humble and deal with your issues.

4.  Right people.  You need to have the right people around you.  Take heed to godly advice, and spend time with wise people. We become like those we spend most of our time with.  Don’t just be around people because they’re cool or even nice.  That’s simple.  Use wisdom when selecting friendships and don’t be easily fooled by a person’s outer countenance.  We are moved by outward appearances but God sees the heart.  Rely on God to lead you when choosing relationships.  Spending time with the right people will help you to learn about life.

5. Trust.  Trust the process.  Trust God.  Trust the lessons that you are learning.  Don’t find reasons to excuse them.  Trust and accept the lessons you learn and know that everything will still work out.  Actually, things will be better because you are focused on learning.  Learn from what you go through and trust the lessons so that you won’t repeat them.  Trust the people that God will place around you.  Trust makes the learning process much easier.  If you aren’t trusting you may be fighting the very things that you should be learning from…


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