I Love My Husband.  I Love Our Marriage.

Where do I start?  I thank God for marriage.  It’s such a beautiful thing.  I thank God for the man that He has blessed me with.  There is no other man that I adore the way I adore him.  Next to Jesus, he is it.


I know without a doubt that God blessed me with him.  I encourage women desiring a husband to diligently seek the Lord for His confirmation before saying “I do”.  I sought the Lord, I said I do, and I have felt the blessing of the Lord over our marriage from day 1.

I love my husband because he is who he is.  He doesn’t impress, he doesn’t fake, he is who he is.  He feels no pressure to be like those around him.  He is secure in who he is.  He encourages others to also be themselves.  He’s not moved by outward appearances.

I love my husband because he loves the Lord.  He loves the Lord, seeks the Lord, trusts the Lord, and is content in the Lord. He hears from the Lord, and for a wife there is no better feeling.  Before saying I do, be certain that he hears from the Lord.

I love my husband because he loves me.  He really loves me.  His love is genuine, sincere, never wavering, and not based on anything I do.  It’s not even based on how I look.  Can you believe that?  When we first met I remember him telling me that he loves the Jesus in me.  

I love my husband because he is faithful.  A faithful man who can find?  (Proverb 20:6) If you find yourself a faithful man consider yourself blessed.  There is no better feeling than walking in confidence, knowing that your husband is faithful to you.  I’m so grateful.

I love my husband because he is my best friend and my partner.  We support each other, we learn from each other, we encourage one another, we want the best for one another.  We are one.

I love my husband because he is strong.  Yes, he’s physically strong, but more importantly he’s spiritually strong.  When troubles comes our way I worry not about him being able to handle it.  I have a fighter in him, I know together that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and I thank God for the marriage that he has blessed us with.  He has used our marriage to bless us in more ways than one.  Our marriage is sound, secure, and solid because our foundation is Jesus Christ.  Our marriage is a blessing to our children because they are covered.  Our marriage is a ministry because we allow God to use us to show His love to those around us.  Our marriage is sincere, honest, and safe.  Our marriage is our safe place.

I love my husband.  I love my marriage.  Marriage is a beautiful thing.  Thank you God for our marriage.


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