FAMILY: 10 Ways to Celebrate Christ during Christmas

What is Christmas all about?  We all know that Christmas is the recognition of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but do we truly celebrate Him in our actions?  Do we spend more time exalting Santa Clause than Jesus Christ?  Do we spend more time shopping than praising?

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with shopping or celebrating in the various ways that we celebrate, I’m just saying let’s be sure to include Jesus in on our celebrations.  Afterall, it is His birthday.

Here are 10 fun ways to celebrate Christ during the Christmas season:

1. Open gifts on Christmas Eve so that Christmas day is not about us opening gifts but instead celebrating Christ on His day.

2. Read about the birth of Christ on Christmas morning.

3. Have the kids write a letter to Jesus, not Santa.

4. Decorate mugs in ways that celebrate Jesus. The dollar store has them for $1!

5. Have everyone in the family write a list of reasons why they love Jesus.

6. Go around and have everyone finish the following sentence: Because Jesus was born…

7. Take turns playing songs about Jesus. 

8. Remind others that Christmas is about celebrating our Lord and Savior.

9. Use social media as a way to remind the world about the true meaning instead of following suit and focusing on gifts.

10. Buy a small gift for someone not expecting it and tell them that Jesus loves them!

How will your family celebrate Christ?


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