4 Thoughts on Life

1. Everyone needs an alliance.  Everyone won’t always be there for you, but we all need that person (I’ve found it won’t be many) that will always be on our side.  They are loyal, trustworthy, and supportive.  Basically, they have your back!  We all need at least one person that we know we can always go to.  If you don’t have it, pray for it.

2. Living is learning.  The longer I live the more I learn and the more humble I become.  When we are really learning, we are realizing how much we don’t know.  Certain things we may know now we only understand the surface, but there is so much more depth to practically everything!  We should all remain humble in what we know, realizing there is far more that we don’t know.

3. Honesty is critical.  Honesty is so often trumped by politeness, lies, fear, and the list goes on.  Honesty is so important!  We have to be honest with ourselves about ourselves, we have to be honest with others, within relationships, etc.  Honesty is healthy and necessary.  Without it, what’s real?

4. Childhood is monumental.  Most of the issues that us as adults have can be traced back to childhood.  Childhood should be focused on training, teaching, disciplining, redirecting, showing, loving, encouraging, exploring, and nurturing.  As parents, let’s do our best to set our children up for success.


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