LIFE: Don’t Deny Your Feelings

Face how you feel.  There is a reason why you feel the way you do, and even if the feelings are invalid you  still must face them.  Sometimes when we feel a certain way we attempt to ignore it or avoid it, thinking it will go away, but it doesn’t.  Often we just bury them in our heart and whatever we don’t deal with will only grow.

Think about how when we’re hurt we try to do anything to avoid dealing with the hurt.  We distract ourselves thinking that’ll make it go away, but it doesn’t.  We’ve simply just tucked it to the side. The next time you’re hurt and don’t deal with it, it is only added to the hurt that is already in your heart.  Before too long you’ve become an angry and bitter person.  All because you didn’t deal with your feelings, you tried to deny them.

All of us have experienced some of the same feelings, the key that separates us is how we deal with them.  For instance, I’ve felt jealousy before but I’ve never been a jealous person.  The only reason I’ve never been a jealous person is because when I feel that feeling I will deal with it, shut it down, and not allow it to take root in my heart.  We have to be honest about how we feel and deal with it.  We have to be humble enough to admit it and strong enough to deal with it.

What about you?  What feelings do you try to hide?  Don’t think just beause you aren’t acknowleding them they aren’t affecting you.  They are.  So often people are able to see the things within our heart even when we try so hard to hide them.

Whatever is in there, get it out.  Don’t allow undealt with issues to change who you really are.  Don’t let the issues of your heart prevent you from living your best life possible…


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