10 Thoughts on Life

1. We live and we learn.  We’ve worn this phrase out but it is so true.  Don’t beat yourself up over failures and don’t be devastated when you find out that someone isn’t who you thought they were.  You live and you learn.  Just do better next time.

2. Adjustments are necessary.  It is so necessary to stop and readjust in life.  Has your life changed?  Expect to readjust.  Feeling off?  It may be time for an adjustment.

3. Listening is critical.  I mean really listening.  Don’t just listen enough to formulate a response.  Listen to learn.

4. Slow down.  Life has a way of trying to rush and push us around, but we must push back and slow down. Slow down to enjoy your life, your mate, your kids.  Enjoy the little moments.  Slow down and talk to strangers.  Slow down to take the world in.

5. Life is humbling.  Life has a way of humbling us.  Even if you are excelling in one area of your ilfe, you are likely to be struggling in another.  As Obama put it we can never get too high or too low.  Don’t get too proud of yourself.  Instead, stay grateful and know that sometimes without warning life has a way of humbling us.

6. Crying is good.  Who says strong people don’t cry?  Whoever does is outdated.  Sometimes a good cry is all we need.  I know you’ve felt relieved after a good cry.  I know I have.

7. Be comfortable.  This starts within.  First, be comfortable with yourself and what you have to offer to those around you.  The more comfortable you are the more you will shine.  Spend less time with people and in settings that make you uncomfortable.

8. Don’t fight.  Sometimes we get so accustomed to fighting that we’re poor lovers.  Let your guard down and instead of fighting focus on loving.  With loving comes compassion and understanding.  What’s more beautiful than that?

9. Feelings are temporary.  Right now you feel like this but in an hour you will feel like that.  Don’t give so much weight to feelings.  They are constantly changing.  Instead of focusing so much on your feelings, focus more on what makes you feel a certain way.  Do what brings you positive, empowering, confident feelings.

10. Work is not everything.  What you do, how much you make, your degrees, your position is only apart of you and the life you live.  Don’t overemphasize it.  There are so many more important things in life than our work.  Don’t wait to late to figure this out.

Now off I go.  Back to living and learning…


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