NEW BABY: From Ordinary to EXTRA-Ordinary

I delivered Weslee Nichole Woodward via c-section 3 days ago and I just exprienced the moment today that moved me to write for the site.  I’ve written in my personal journal nightly because this is such a personal experience, but I knew I had to write to publicly share the news so here I am!

Thursday was the day we delivered her and it was such a long day.  Friday all I coud think about was REST. I was so exhausted.  So that’s what we did Friday.  Husband, mommy, and baby.  We all slept.  Maraya went to school as she has plans of achieving perfect attendance for the year like last year, and Keziah was with one of her grandmas.  🙂

Friday night I started to gather some energy to start sharing the news.  I wasn’t rushed nor was I eager to have visitors.  That night I realized that my unplanned, yet so apprpriate theme was: Embrace the moment.  Once this hit me I was all about it.  Our family was all about it.  We weren’t rushed about anything nor were we overwhelmed with visitors.  We were really able to embrace the moment within our family before sharing the beauty with other loved ones.

Saturday morning we had our first visitors.  Not too early, not too long, not too pushy.  They were genuinely concerned and we appreciated their company.  Later in the day we sent out text messages, made phone calls and social media posts.  It was a good day.

Today, Sunday, is my final day in the hospital and I’m eager to get home and adjust to our new life with our new baby.

Now, to share the moment that moved me to write:

Keziah embracing baby sister Weslee Nichole

This was such an EXTRA-Ordinary moment because we have constantly prayed about the relationships that our girls will have with each other.  This moment didn’t come immediately but it was breath-taking when it came.  Keziah is 18 months old and she truly loves her baby sister.  She was gentle, intentional, and passionately focused on her.  She was truly embracing the moment.

Thank you Jesus.  Thank you for blessing us with Weslee Nichole and for keeping us focused on You first, our family second, and everything else after that.  

To be blessed with a complete family is EXTRA-Ordinary in itself.



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