WOMEN: 5 Blessings to Experience

Life is all about experiencing.  It’s what makes it enjoyable and worthwhile, but we don’t want to experience any and everything.  In my humble opinion, here are 5 blessings to experience:

1. Love. There is nothing more empowering than receiving real, genuine, never wavering love.  For me, the greatest love I’ve felt is the love that Jesus Christ has for me.  It’s more than just singing the lyrics “Jesus loves me this I know…”  It’s much, much deeper than that.  It is a blessing to know that He loves me just the way I am, He loved me enough to die for me, He loves me despite my many sins, He loves me simply because of who He is.  This is the greatest love ever.

Secondly, someone recently told me that Christian, married women have been chosen twice.  First by Jesus and then by their husbands.  I believe that when a woman is blessed to have a husband who loves her more than he loves anyone (outside of Jesus, of course) she is truly blessed.  There is nothing like having a faithful man who unconditionally loves you.  Very empowering.

2. Motherhood. To be able to carry a child is a blessing in itself.  When I really think about the intricate process of pregnancy I can’t help but think about how great and wonderful our God is.  There is nothing coincidental or happenstance about the process of pregnancy.  There is something about creating something that makes it so special.  You look at your children and see yourself, you see life that was once inside of you, you see responsibility.  Motherhood is something to cherish and take seriously.  Being a mother gives you much power and influence over another human being.  Very big deal.

3. Confidence. I feel like one of the most dangerous things ever is for a woman to not have confidence.  Now all women make mistakes, but not having confidence will cause you to make many, many more.  Honestly, it will cause you to do things that you really don’t want to do.  As a mother of daughters I make it my priority to instill confidence in them.  If a woman lacks confidence she should make it a priority to get some, and if she already has it she should thank God for it.  Extremely important.

4. Thankfulness. A blessing to experience thankfulness?  Absolutely.  I’ve had times in my life when I felt like everything went wrong so we should definitely count thankfulness as a blessing.  Some people may appear to have everything they could ask for but still aren’t thankful, so we should never take a thankful heart for granted.  Regardless of where we are in life we should find something to be thankful for- even if it’s just to have life.  If we find it hard to be thankful for the life we live we may need to work toward creating a life that we can be thankful for.

5. Opportunities. Every woman was created for a specific purpose and what a blessing to be blessed with the opportunity to live that out while on Earth.  Women should develop themselves and their gifts so that God can use them and place them in the positions that He has for them.  We can’t be passive about living.  Anything worth having isn’t easily gained and this is the same for opporurtunities.  We should be willing to work for the opportunities that are ultimately ours…


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