LIFE: Adjust Accordingly

Success in our lives depends heavily on our ability to adjust accordingly.  One of the most immature things to say (and we’ve all said it) is “this is just how I am.”  Well, if you live your life based on how you are today then I hope you’re happy with today’s circumstances.  Most changes that occur in our lives require us to change in some way.  

To be the same way, all the time, no matter the situation is not very effective.  To face every relationship issue the same way is not effective.  To handle disputes the same way every time is not effective.  Many situations that we face will require us to adjust accordingly.  In order for us to realize this, though, we must take a step back and reflect.

Everyone is different so as we deal with different people we must adjust accordingly.  We will no doubt have to deal with people who don’t like us, people who lie, people with egos, people with prejudices.  So, when dealing with these people how do we respond?  Many times we’re forced to work with them, and we can’t just run away.  We must learn to adjust accordingly.

I’m not saying it’s always easy.  Sometimes adjusting is simply smiling and staying silent.  Words can get us in the most trouble if we haven’t quite adjusted yet.  While adjusting, think about your objectives, your end goals, and don’t let anybody get in the way of that.  Keep your power.

I love this quote I found on Pinterest: “Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.”  It’s not about changing your “you”, but rather it’s about growing your “you.”  If we expect to grow and receive more and do more, we must be wise enough to know that more will be expected of us.

So as you face whatever life’s challenges that come your way, remember that your success is in your ability to adjust accordingly.


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