Graduate School Update

This semester I’ve started my second and final year of graduate school & you know what has amazed me the most?  How fast the time has gone.  It seems like it was more challenging to complete my associate’s degree than my master’s degree.  Maybe because while working on my associate’s degree I was younger, less mature, less grounded, and had less figured out.  The early 20’s can be complex to say the least.

Being in graduate school at 30 helps me I’m sure.  I’m more stable, more focused, and more grounded which helps me to stay focused on my goal.  

Graduate school is not easy, but it is gratifying.  One thing that has allowed me to progress so fast is that my first semester I took 10 hours (9 hours is full-time in graduate school), the second semester I took 9, I took 6 hours during the summer, which has left me with 2 courses and my final capstone project.  Yes, I’m 2 courses and a project away from my master’s degree.  Thank You, Jesus.

The majority of the courses have been enjoyable.  Only one has made me cry (I think) and it was statistics.  It was a four week summer course and I know there was no better time for me to take it than when I did.  My previous courses prepared me and I have developed into a flexible learner to understand that although all things may not come easy to me, I have to understand how I can learn material that I don’t grasp as easily.  By the time you’re in graduate school you learn how to learn.

Research is a major part of graduate school.  “According to research” and “research has found” becomes apart of your vocabulary.  Opinions and unsupported statements stand out.  And they are rare.

Reading, writing, and presentations also play a big role.  You read in order to analyze and apply theoretical concepts, you write with clarity and strategy, and you present with confidence and few “umms”.  

Overall, I can say that I’m enjoying  graduate school and I’m thankful to have made it to this point in my educational journey.

Oh, and as I write we’re expecting Weslee Nichole in 5 weeks and 3 days.  đź™‚


2 thoughts on “Graduate School Update

  1. This is great — yes grad school is a different specimen. And you’re doing this while expecting — Weslee is going to be a smart girl just like Keziah. I’m so proud of you!!! It won’t be long and you will be doning that cap & gown!!!
    And I’ve got to add, that husband of yours, he is a jewel, I thank God for him.

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