Are you enjoying your life?

I believe it is very easy to get to the point of only tolerating life instead of enjoying it.  Why is this?

At times we get so focused on things and objectives that we spend all of our time doing things instead of enjoying things.  Our lives should be productive and enjoyable.  Simultaneously.  We shouldn’t spend all of our time getting things done.  Sometimes we have to just stop and enjoy the moment.

Time with others is important, but me time is also crucial.  We should spend time with ourselves to see how we’re doing, what we need, what we need to let go of, and what we’re excited about.  What are you excited about?

We should always have hope and excitement for tomorrow.  We should always be looking forward to doing something.  It doesn’t have to be big, expensive, or planned.  It may be small and spontaneous.  The point is that we have to make time to enjoy our lives.

Here are 25 suggestions, most of which cost nothing or very little:

  1. Wear a different nail color or hairstyle.
  2. Take a walk with no electronics.  Embrace your surroundings.
  3. Get a pedicure.  By yourself.
  4. Listen to a favorite song.
  5. Call someone and just talk.
  6. Visit someone.  Don’t plan it, just go.
  7. Try a new recipe.
  8. Give a surprise.
  9. Write someone a letter.
  10. Buy someone a gift.
  11. Give someone a hug.  Maybe a stranger.
  12. Ask someone an unexpected question.  Maybe a stranger.
  13. Buy something.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.
  14. Enjoy a sweet drink.
  15. Watch a movie.
  16. Try something new.  A sport, a restaurant, a hobby.
  17. Take a bath.
  18. Dance.  With a loved one.
  19. Play a game.
  20. Schedule something.
  21. Go on a date.
  22. Laugh!
  23. Go to a store.  One you’ve never been to before.
  24. Change your routine.
  25. Stay up late.  Or sleep in.

Do something you enjoy.  We only get one chance at life so while we definitely want to live a life that matters, we also should strive to live a life that we enjoy.

Enjoy your life.


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