I’m 31 Years & 3 Days Old Today

My birthday was 3 days ago and of course I have to write.  But about what?  Even as I sit now I don’t know exactly what I’ll write so let’s just go with the flow.

I woke up around 6:30 a.m. on my birthday morning feeling excited and relieved.  I was excited because it was MY DAY and thankful because the day before I just finished up my summer semester of taking 2 courses, one of which was 4 week statistics class that almost gave me a breakdown but I hung on in there and finished up with an A.  Two A’s to be exact, but I’m digressing…

Another thought I had on my birthday morning was: Life goes on.  I have a somewhat serious personality and probably take some things serious that most overlook, but as I age I’m learning that life goes on.  I’m not becoming less serious, but I am giving more thought to the simple fact that life goes on.  Let me share an example.

Last week while driving I was having a mentally stressed moment, but then I came to a red light and noticed a blind man standing on the corner.  I’m so thankful to God that I was able to notice this man and learn from him.  I thought about how none of our lives are perfect, but things could always be worse.  Many people are blind due to no control of their own, but as bad as that may seem… Life goes on.  They learn to deal with their weakness.  

So at the age of 31 I want to keep my seriousness but also keep in mind that LIFE GOES ON.  Whatever situation we find ourselves in we should keep an eye out for the lesson and know that where there is learning, there is growth.

We should learn from our struggles, do our best, and know that no matter the outcome… LIFE GOES ON.


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