WOMEN: 3 Ways Marriage Changes You

1. It secures you.  Now, before I was married I definitely was a strong, secure, independent woman, but it’s something about marriage that provides you with a totally different kind of security.  In my opinion, it’s better.  You feel secure enough to tackle things that you may not have attempted by yourself.  You know, 2 is better than 1.  It’s a fact that you are able to accomplish more being married.  Of course you have to be married to the right person, so it is important to be led by the spirit when entering a marriage because I’m sure some accomplish less while married.  I don’t think it should be that way.  Marriage should secure you and empower you to do all that God has called you to do.

2. It sensitizes you.  The first major event in my life that sensitized me was becoming a mother.  I remember after having my first child, Maraya, I noticed that I cried more easily.  Marriage also has a way of sensitizing you.  As a wife you should respect your husband enough to not talk to him the way you may have spoken to others outside of marriage.  This is not even a conscious process.  I feel that when in a marriage you will be surprised at some of the things that you say and do, because initially it feels out of character.  Husbands have these moments too.  I can recall many moments of my husband saying “I never pictured me being this way with a woman.”  I certainly feel that same way.

3. It strengthens you. Marriage shouldn’t weaken you, but it should instead strenghten you.  First of all, marriage is not easy.  Of course the good days should outnumber the tough days, but the tough days will come.  And when they come you can’t run from them- You have to face them.  Marriage has strengthened me in many ways.  It should strenghten your character, your mind (especially when your partner challenges you), your spirit (I wouldn’t suggest any woman to enter a marriage with a weak spirit), and it strengthens your will.

Marriage has a way of revealing what’s inside of you and if you move forward despite the many obtacles that you will face, you will no doubt become stronger.

Wrote with love,


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