LIFE: Your family is perfect?

Some people have a tendency to think that there family is ‘better’ than other families, while others tend to think that their family is ‘worse’ than other families.  One thing that we should all accept is that EVERY family has its issues.

Some families do a great job of concealing their issues, while the faults of other families seem to glare out for all to see.  Appearances, conversations, and mindsets all have a way of attempting to distort the view of the family portrait.

One fact that we should all accept is that: NO FAMILY IS PERFECT.  I’m referring to immediate families (the direct household) and all of the extended family.  No matter what it looks like, there are some issues.  We should all be humble enough to know that our family is no better than the next family, and real enough to know that no matter what other families look like they have their set of issues too.

Think about it.  No matter how much we adore the Obama’s, they have their issues.  We clearly see the issues of the Kardashians, but their family is not the only imperfect family.  No family should be viewed as being perfect or better than the next.   I’m not saying that we can’t adore families or even learn from them, but we should keep everything in perspective.

So, the next time you want to criticize or compare your family to another family, keep in mind that no family is perfect.  Focus on your own household because if you focus too much on others you never know what you may be overlooking…


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