LIFE: Attitude or Gratitude

Some days we wake up with every reason to have an attitude.  Maybe it’s your marriage, your children, your job, your sister/brother, your money, your schooling… The list goes on.  So many days give us so many reasons to carry an attitude.

Do you ever find yourself waking up with an attitude from yesterday?  It is so easy to do!  But if we submit to it then we are still letting our yesterday control our today.  That’s stupid.  We have the power and ability to stop and so no.  Today I’m choosing gratitude over this attitude.

In order to do that we must stop.  We can’t just get up and roll with the day.  No, we have to slow down and intentionally shake off that attitude.  Do what works for you.  Prayer, music, writing, talking to someone about it, working out, etc.  Just decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to drop the attitude.

Don’t miss out on a beautiful day because of an attitude.  Instead change your perspective & consider all the reasons that you have to be happy.  Write a list if you have to.  Really.

Today, I’m choosing gratitude over an attitude.  🙂


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