5 Ways To Fight Back

Whether we believe it or not, we all have battles to fight.  If Jesus was hated and crucified (and He was perfect), you better believe that someone is hating on you too.  I’m not saying this to cause fear or paranoia, but rather to encourage you to fight back the right way.  We all have battles to fight, the key is fighting back the right way:

1. Don’t Respond.  Some people will poke you just to get a response out of you.  We have to know when and when not to respond.  This takes intention.  Think about the person and the situation.  Is responding really going to change anything?  I’m big on using my energy wisely.  If you don’t see anything productive coming out of your response it may not be best to respond.

2. Think. Think about the situation.  How did we get here, how have they treated me before, are there other issues at play?  We seriously have to think about the situation.  Don’t just base your response off of once instance.  Many times if we just think through things we will have a deeper understanding.

3. Do Better. This is a big one.  Enemies want us to fail.  They scheme, plot, and try to set traps for us.  One of the best things we can do is focus on ourselves and not on them.  Handle your business, be wise with your words and your time, and just do better.  Don’t let enemies discourage you, but rather let them motivate you.

4. Pray. Get quiet, seek the Lord, read His Word, and pray  Spend time with Him so He can guide you.  He will show you wayy more than you could ever realize on your own.  Think about how he has rescued others from their enemies.  David and Daniel come to mind.  Daniel’s story is very encouraging.  His enemies conspired to change the law to set him up to fail, but even that didn’t work!  I’ve learned that when you stay in right relationship with the Lord and keep a pure heart you will never lose.

5. Let It Go!  Don’t carry junk, hurts, and betrayals with you.  Don’t get stuck.  Don’t even worry about people or situations that are against you.   You won’t get very far carrying alot of junk with you.  Deal with it, but let it go! 


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