1 Day Shy of 1 Year of Marriage

Tomorrow will mark our 1 year marriage anniversary.  This is such a BIG deal and I’m truly in awe that it has been a year already.  As I sit and write I don’t already have plans about what to write, I just know that this is something worth writing about.  

Last night at dinner I looked at Wes and told him I can’t imagine how much I will love him when I’m 50.  As I think over our year my love for him has certainly grown.  Marriage has a way of bringing out your good and your bad, and despite his flaws I love what he’s made of.  I remember when I was younger material things held a high priority, but in a marriage material things take a backseat to things that have no monetary value.  Character trumps it all.  The heart of a man is what matters when considering marriage. I love the heart of my husband.

A few words that come to mind when I think of our 1 year of marriage?  Growth, intention, change & communication.

Growth. Marriage forces you to grow!  Marriage forces you to see you.  Marriage forces you to compromise.  These things aren’t always easy, but it is so worth it.  I can honestly say that both Wes and myself have grown in so many ways.  Keeping your eyes on Jesus helps with this process because you may pray about things that He will fix.  You don’t always have to point the finger at your spouse.

Intention.  A big one!  This is the wrong way to think: “This is just who I am.” Noooooo!  In a marriage we have to be intentional.  We have to be intentional about how we think and speak to our spouses.  We have to be intentional about considering their perspective.  If you don’t you will think that you are always right, and that couldn’t be more wrong.

Change.  Change occurs within you and in your life.  When you get married not everyone will celebrate your marriage, and that is okay, but that will certainly change your relationships.  You will change how you spend time and who you spend time with.  Your values change and that drives change.  No matter what changes, don’t get bitter, or fight the process.  Instead, trust the process.  Deal with any hurt and stay committed to loving- In spite of.

Communication. What we say and how we say it is huge.  We have to be intentional in our communication.  Both spouses should feel heard and understood.  You may not always agree, and that is okay, but you should at least respect each other enough to hear their perspective.  Throughout our year, this is one of the biggest areas that we have grown in and I’m so happy about it.  We are able to talk about anything within our marriage.  If you are married, you should never feel as if someone else understands you better than your spouse.  Open communication is necessary in marriage.

This morning, Wes and I talked, reflected, and read old things that we wrote and it was such a blessing.  There were laughs & tears.  This is so beautiful.  I love my husband and I love being married.

Thank you Lord for allowing us to make it through 1 year of marriage.

Wrote with Love,


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