Graduate School: “I feel so inspired and focused.”

Tonight I presented a lecture over ethics in news and it was my longest presentation ever.  My partner and I were responsible for the full lecture for our 2.5 hours class.  I must say, WE DID PHENOMENAL!

I walked away feeling so proud, inspired, and relieved.  The primary reason for going for my master’s is because I want to teach communication at the college level.  I feel capable.  I am just so thankful to God to be where I am today.  I recognize that I am in a very special place, and I do not take it for granted.

Our presentation covered a journalism code of ethics, context and balance in news reporting, priming, stereotypes, representations of black athletes, as well as our own personal code of ethics.

We included videos that featured Dan Rathers, Barbara Walters, and we closed with the Oprah Winfrey.

As far as my personal code of ethics: I want my being to fuel my doing (yes, I got that from Oprah), I never want to compromise who I am in order to do something.  Secondly, I always want to know my right and wrong, recognizing that it may not be the same for everyone, but I want to know what’s right and wrong for me.

Today was a good day.


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