MARRIAGE: Repentance & Forgiveness

Forget the fairytales, marriage is not about perfection, but rather repentance and forgiveness.  I’ve been married for 20 days short of a year and in my humble opinion no marriage can thrive without repentance and forgiveness.  Honestly, it’s a big part of what it’s all about.

Since no one is perfect, every married couple must face things that they may not have expected.  We may face different things, but the fact is that you will have to face some things within your marriage.  

Face it: Your husband is not perfect, and never will be.  Your wife is not perfect, and never will be.  And contrary to popular belief, you’re not all that yourself.  We all fall short from time to time.

The key though, is in repentance & forgiveness.

When we mess up we must be mature enough to take ownership of our wrong, confess, repent, and change our hearts and minds toward our shortcoming.  Confession is hard, but it is so worth it. After it comes growth.  We have to lose the attitude of “This is just me.”  That is such an immature way to think.  

We have to truly listen to our spouse.  We can’t keep our mind overly occupied with how we see it or even how we feel, we must truly put ourselves on the back burner and listen to the concerns of our mate.

Lastly, we have to forgive!  We can’t hold grudges or remind our spouses of their faults.  No, when they have truly repented we should accept them and encourage them.  

Think about how Jesus does us.


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