What are you taking in?

What goes in must come out.  What are you taking in?  What do you watch and hear?  What kinds of conversations are you having?  Who are you around?

The answers to these questions will tell us how we’re living and where we’re headed.

Do you read books?  Watch the news?  Go to church?  Participate in anything that will make you better?  If not, then you probably won’t get better.  

What about your music.  What are you listening to?  Don’t be naive to think that your music doesn’t affect you.  It certainly does.  Music is extremely stimulating.  It arouses our emotions and sends us down a particular way.

Who do you spend time with?  The people you spend time with influence you more than you think.  And honestly we all try to influence others to see and do things our way, even if indirectly.  Do you admire the people you spend time with?  Are they encouraging, positive, and productive?  

If they are negative, draining, and living unfruitful lives you may want to limit your time with them.  Don’t hate them just spend less time with them.  Negativity is toxic.

Take some time to examine what you are taking in.  Decide where you need to adjust and do so.  

Whatever we take in will affect where we go.


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