Make Yourself Happy

Sometimes, ok alot of the time, we act like it’s the responsibility of others to make us happy.  That is so wrong.  We are in control of our joy.  We are in control of the attitude that allows us to experience our joy. Sometimes we only need to adjust our perspective.

Everyday we should wake up accepting the fact that each day will have its imerfections.  We have to learn to deal with them without losing our joy.  We have to remind ourselves daily that no day will be perfect, and that no person is perfect.  This will help us to keep the right attitude as we go about our business.

The next time someone frustrates you, hurts you, or discourages you, remember that it is your responsibility to make yourself happy.  Of course you have to deal with the issue, don’t ignore it, but deal with it and move on.  Acknowledge your feelings but don’t relinquish your power to control how you feel.

Remember, people can only do what we allow them to do.  Don’t give up control of your feelings.  Instead, do what you have to do in order to maintain control of your feelings.  When we feel ourselves about to ‘go there’, we have to gain control and decide that we are going to keep our joy.

It will be a process, but the start is to at least acknowledge that we are in control of making ourselves happy.  


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