15 Lessons From 2015

1. If you don’t quit, you can.  I got pregnant my final year of college & I know many doubted me.  Momentarily I did, myself.  But I didn’t quit and I did it.  I gave birth to Keziah via c-section on April 1st and was back in class (in the front row) a week later.  I graduated with my bachelor’s, with honors, on May 9th.  I didn’t quit and I did it.

2. Crying is okay.  For me, it’s inevitable.  Nowadays I don’t run from it.  I cry when I’m happy, when I’m laughing, when I’m hurt, and any other times the tears decide to come.  Crying is okay.

3. No one knows the future.  We never know what’s around the corner, good or bad.  We are better off to never get too cocky or too complacent.

3. Change is inevitable.  Life is full of changes and the more flexible we are, the better off we are.  Circumstances change, people change, relationships change, we change.

4. Kids deal with real issues.  Our kids are exposed to more at earlier ages.  They experience more feelings and thoughts than they sometimes share.  We need to stay close, probe, and support them.  Our kids need us.

5. God is everything.  If I have Him, I have everything and everyone I need.

6. Education isn’t everything.  Don’t exalt individuals solely on their education.

7. True love perseveres.  No matter the issue, true love sustains anything.

8. We don’t know the hearts of people.  We don’t always recognize true motives.  We must acknowledge this and act accordingly.

9. Just because someone is beautiful doesn’t mean they are good.  Don’t be so easily impressed.  Looks can be deceiving.

10. Stop generalizing!  It’s ignorant and close-minded to put people in boxes because of certain characteristics.  Spend time learning and assessing the situation before you speak on it.

11. We are sometimes more immature than we think.

12. Knowledge and theory are important, but application is much more desirable.

13. Meet people without expectations.  Don’t always look for what you can get out of the deal.  Just be concerned with people.  Value relationships.

14. There are beautiful things in your future that you aren’t planning for.  Planning is important, but we must remember that we aren’t in control of everything.

15. Know that you can get through it.  No matter what it is, make your mind up that you can get through it.

Thanks for everything, 2015.  



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