LIFE: Excellence or Faithfulness?

There has been a major shift in our culture toward being the best, looking the best, and doing the best.  But is this healthy?  Does our focus on being excellent really bring out the best in us and others?

I believe that an excessive focus on excellence is unhealthy, and many of us have this problem.  Women may be more susceptible due to the culture’s focus on beauty, feminism, and perfection.  Celebrities live perfect lives, right?  They have all the money they could desire, they take exotic vacations, they get whatever plastic surgery they desire, what’s the problem?

Parenting creates other pressures.  We want our children to be their best, yet have the freedom to learn as they go.  This requires that they feel comfortable enough to explore, knowing that excellence isn’t expected of them.  We don’t want them to feel as if perfection is the goal because then they’ll struggle handling the failures that will inevitably come their way.

What other values could we emphasize over excellence?  Hardwork, trustworthiness, honesty, courage, humility, understanding, or even faithfulness?

Faithfulness is an excellent alternative.  Faithfulness refers to being trustworthy or loyal.  It could also be thought of as being consistent.

We have to learn to relax & do our best knowing that we can’t do everything excellently all the time.

We shouldn’t lower our standards, instead we should just do our best without the stress.


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