Graduate College vs. Regular College

Yesterday I finished a 15 page, 10 question exam.  Today I printed a 12 page study guide for a final exam that will cover EVERYTHING from the entire semester.  5 minutes ago I decided I should write about the differences between graduate college and regular college…

  • There’s a much more complex admittance process.  It’s not difficult, there’s just more to do.  You have to apply, submit all transcripts, submit references, and take the GRE.  The GRE is somewhat challenging (at least the math part for me), but it won’t dictate your acceptance.  Some schools weigh it more than others.  Prepare as much as you can and just do your best.  The cool thing is that it’s multiple choice.  🙂
  • There’s much more work!  At this point, you’ll be focusing solely on subjects that you care about, for example I’m working on a master’s of science in communication and this semester I’m taking: Theories of Persuasion (which is very interesting), Research Methods (which is valuable, but demands a lot of time), and Adolescent Development (which is basically a minor course, and I’m really enjoying it).  So, even though it’s more work it’s not all that challenging.  You will read a lot.  For the adolescent course I’ve read 3 books in full at this point!  And still going.  Also, you will write a lot.  Basically, that’s what I do.  Read and write.  Different material among the courses, but the same process.
  • There’s much less support.  My first week or so of graduate school was pretty frustrating.  I emailed my research professor a paper in advance so he could give me feedback before it was due (because that’s what good students do, right?), but he wouldn’t give me feedback.  He replied and told me if he can’t do it for everyone he couldn’t do it for me.  I immediately started a response back to him, but I didn’t send it.  I guess I just vented.  After I calmed down, I got it. He can’t hold my hand.  I have to trust myself and do my best.

Hopefully this was helpful.  If you are considering graduate college or regular college, just make the best decision for you!

Once you do, trust yourself and do your best and it will all work out.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Graduate College vs. Regular College

  1. So umm yes cousin, great insight plus it made me think……so writing is not my strong point neither is research and so that scares me with even thinking about grad school although my masters would be nice and even would boost the amount of money I make but at what point do we say it’s not for me…enhancing and enriching and expanding my knowledge I still don’t know and am not sure the stress of it all is for me….especially when I am not sure it’s my passion….my passion is the lord I may never be a millionaire or make the most amount of money but I do want others to know I loved the lord when it’s all said and done. Not sure if this makes sense but I needed exactly what you wrote. Now I’ll sit and reflect. Keep it coming!!

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    1. I understand completely! Well keep in mind I’m working on a master’s of science in COMMUNICATIONS so there will be a lot of writing. I’m sure different degrees will vary in the amount, so it will be worth looking into before committing. Also, OSU is a research school so they may be more focused on research than other schools, but honestly the only course that requires a lot of research is the research methods course. I would encourage you to seek the Lord on it and He will make a way for you to fulfill His plans for you. A person may not be a good writer, but if it’s the Lord’s will for them to go to graduate school they can do it and excel at it. We both know He can do anything and what He does does not always make sense.


      1. I kn ow all of this I have explored my masters at different schools it’s just k ot in my heart, right now….tooo many distractions….I actually applied and took my GRE and everything but it just wasn’t right……

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