Feeling down? 10 Tips.

We’re all human and we all have those moments when we feel down.  Sometimes we don’t even know why we’re feeling down, but that’s okay we just have to be intentional about lifting ourselves back up.  

Here is a list of 10 things to do when you’re feeling down…

1. Pray.  Talk to God, be honest with him, and tell him your thoughts and feelings.  He knows them anyway, but it helps us to get it off our chest.  Ask him for help where you need it.

2. Drink. I’m not talking about alcohol.  Maybe hot tea, cold water, refreshing juice, etc.  Drink something to refresh your body.  Maybe even a fruit smoothie or slush.

3. Shower. Take a long hot shower to refresh and cleanse yourself.

4. Write. You know how I feel about writing.  It’s therapy. It will help you to clear your mind and thoughts.

5. Think.  Think positive thoughts like what you’re thankful for.  Think about the good things you have in your life, the right relationships, or the things we often overlook like health and strength.

6. Chat. Chat with someone you love and trust.  You don’t even have to go into your feelings, just enjoy the conversation.  I’m sure they will say something that will lift you up.  They may even make you laugh.

7. Quiet.  Get quiet.  Turn off the phone, the tv, the music, and just get quiet.  Life is so filled with noise and distractions that life itself can be overwhelming.  Don’t be afraid to just get alone and get quiet.

8. Solitude.  Enjoy yourself.  Celebrate yourself. Consider your progress in life. Don’t feel as if you need people around to be happy. Enjoy being alone, you never know what you may discover.

9. Read. What we take in affects our thinking, so read something inpsirational or spiritual.  Something positive, something encouraging.

10. Work.  Get busy doing something.  Cook, work out, or do something that you’ve been meaning to do and just haven’t done yet.  Think of the saying: An idle mind is the devil’s playground.  

Get your mind busy doing something positive & productive.


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