College: Work Hard, Don’t Rush

It’s 2:00 p.m. on a Saturday and what am I doing?  An exam.

It’s for a theories of persuasion course and it’s a take home 10 question exam.  Sounds easy, huh?  Well, it’s not.  It’s like writing 10 essays and if I want A’s I must be thorough, detailed, and I better cite.  On each question.  The last question took me 40 minutes to answer and that’s doing pretty good.

Want to succeed in college?  Work hard and don’t rush.  In order to do that, you must manage your time.  You have to prioritize and accept the fact that you can’t do everything.  Not all at once, anyway.  

If you’re in college and want to succeed you probably won’t make it to every party.  You probably won’t enjoy every Saturday, but that’s okay.  You will have way more parties and Saturdays after college.  Accept that.  And think about it, you’ll have a college degree which equates to more money, which equates to more fun.  But right now you have to focus on college.

Another thing that keeps me focused is that I only get one grade.  There are no re-do’s in college.  Once you get the grade that’s it.  There are no edits to GPA’s.  Nope.  So, do your best now and smile later.

Prioritize, work hard, don’t rush, and know that it will pay off.  You’re not in college forever so work hard while you’re there.


2 thoughts on “College: Work Hard, Don’t Rush

  1. Great post! I didn’t realize this until my junior year when the “Oh crap! I need to get into grad school!” kicked in. But, it is also important to enjoy yourself once in a while. You have the most freedom in college. Make the best of it.

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