Step On, Sista

They calling you back, hollering your name?  Step on, sista.

They calling you names, pulling you back?  Step on, sista.

They smiling today, mugging tomorrow?  Step on, sista.

They pass you in public, but post on your profile? Step on, sista.

They recommending set ups, acting super sincere?  Step on, sista.

They hating on your progress, wanting you to stand still?  Step on, sista.

They wanting the old you, hating the new you? Step on, sista.

They bad mouthing your name, playing plenty games?  Step on, sista.

They got a issue or two, but acting like they love you?  Step on, sista.

Don’t stop, don’t converse, don’t hesitate, don’t waver, and don’t hate.

No matter what they do, you just do you, step on my sistas.



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