5 Reasons not care what people think about you

1. It creates fear.  When you are too concerned with what people think you become afraid to do what you want to do.  You are fearful of how they will respond, what they will think, what they will say.  We shouldn’t base our decisions on how people will respond, and we shouldn’t make decisions out of fear.

2. It’s limiting. When we care too much about what people think we are limiting ourselves to what they see.  What if your visions and plans are out of their realm of thinking and doing?  What if your goals are beyond what others around you want to accomplish with even their own lives?  That’s okay, we all have a life to live, but don’t let people limit you and your life.

3. You become a people-pleaser.  I believe that more of us are people-pleasers than we’d like to admit.  See, I said us because this is an area that I’ve grown in tremendously!  Joyce Meyer’s book “Approval Addiction” is an awesome read for anyone that has a tendency to try and please people.  We shouldn’t focus on doing things to make people happy.  We don’t want people in our lives that we have to work to keep happy.  It’s too draining.

4. It’s distracting.  Focusing too much on what people think is basically preventing you from focusing on your true priorities.  We can’t control people and we can’t control what they think, so we shouldn’t distract ourselves by worrying about what people think about us.

5. It’s confusing. People change and their thoughts and feelings change.  Today you may like what someone thinks of you, but what heppens when their feelings change?  Now you have to get your panties all out of a bunch.  To prevent yourself from being disgruntled by the changing opinions of people, don’t focus too much on what they think to begin with.


5 thoughts on “5 Reasons not care what people think about you

  1. Hey Babygirl — hope your day is going good — just got around to reading your last 2 blogs, had to laugh when I read this one #5 — “panties” — was that suppose to be parties? LOL

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