MARRIAGE: 5 months & 20 days

I feel like writing another marriage update.  I’ve been married 5 months & 20 days and I feel: grateful, happy, and pleased.

  • Grateful: I know it doesn’t have to be like this.  I know it hasn’t always been like this.  I know there are many, many women who long to be married and it just hasn’t happened.  I’m grateful that I am married.  I know I’m not in control, God is, so I feel grateful that he chose to bless me with my husband.  I’m grateful to God for blessing me with the marriage that we have.
  • Happy: Oh my gosh, I’m so happy!  I get happy when I see him, he gets happy when he sees me, I’m happy when I’m with him, I’m just happy to have him.  We talk, we laugh, we fuss, we learn, we listen, we both enjoy what we have.  Today he thanked me for being his buddy.  He’s happy, I’m happy, we’re happy together.
  • Pleased: In so many previous relationships I felt like “Do you know who I am?”  Ok, let me admit: I’ve said it a few times too.  But in my marriage I’m so pleased; so content.  I enjoy what we have and I’m so thankful I never settled for anything in my past when many times I contemplated it. I’m so pleased with the decisions that I’ve made to get here.

I’m grateful, happy, and pleased to be a married woman.


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