Don’t sweat the small stuff

How many times in a day does something frustrate you?  If your days are like mine then they are filled with many surprising, unexpected events that try to throw you off.

That conversation, that disobedient child, the traffic, school work, a rude boss, an unexpected bill, car problems, and the list goes on.  There’s always something trying to distract us, but we have to learn to not sweat the small stuff.

We have to think about the importance of things.  Most things that try to gain my attention undeservingly are not even all that important.  They fit nowhere in my priorities.  Don’t let things or even people force their way into your space.  Often, I have to remind myself of my priorities in order to stay focused on what truly matters.

We have to learn that everything doesn’t require our energy and attention.  Honestly, we don’t even have enough energy to mentally deal with everything that tries to ‘appear’ as if it’s ours to handle.

The next time you feel yourself ‘about to go there’, stop and ask yourself: Does it really matter?

If it doesn’t then don’t sweat it-  It’s small stuff.


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