Blessings & Victories

Today has been a blessed day.  It’s early afternoon and the day has already been filled with many victories:

1. Breakfast with daughter.  Last night, Maraya wanted breakfast for dinner.  It was too late, but I told her I would try to get up and cook breakfast for her this morning.  I did!  Not only did we eat breakfast together, but we had a priceless conversation.  One that I think we’ll both always remember.  Also, I drove her to school vs. her taking the bus.

2. Good reading.  This was technically last night, but I read the book “Epidemic: How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids” and oh my goodness it was extremely eye-opening.  I’m taking an adolescent development course and my awareness has been heightened around the issues that teens face.  Not only teens, but kids in general.  They face some pretty tough stuff.  From fatherless homes, to poverty, to self-esteem issues, to the over-sexualized media, to social media, and the list goes on.  Our kids need us more than ever.

3. Parenting talks. I had an inspiring converation with another parent regarding raising young girls.  Confidence and humility are important, learning how to apologize, and being strong enough to know that everyone won’t like you were major topic discussions.  Parenting is not easy.

4. My friend Tuesdae is getting married!  Her fiance proposed to her on Friday!  Yayyyy!  Marriage is not easy, but it is extremely worth it and God is for it!  And if God is for it, who can be against it?  Tuesdae said “God has been blessing me and I’m continuing to follow His path because I know I have alot of changes coming my way.  But Im so blessed and grateful.”

Today is a blessed day.  So many victories.


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