CHRISTIANS: Does Christ inspire you?

As Christians it’s easy to start doing our own thang making our own little plans.  We get comfortable and do what we want to do, respond to situations the way we feel.  As Christians we sometimes forget that our role model is Christ.

We may have natural (as opposed to spiritual) role models, and think about how they affect us.  We always want to know what they’re doing, what they’re wearing, what they’re saying.  We follow them, we read about them, we have to stop ourselves from trying to be them.

As Christians, Christ should be our ultimate role model. He should inspire us more than anyone.  

When in situations we should remind ourselves that we are representatives for Christ.  We have to think about how we respond because we want to positively represent Him.  This is especially true when dealing with unbelievers.  We should feel compelled to show them how good, peaceable, loving, and gentle Christ is.

As you go about your day remember that you are an ambassador for Christ.  Think of Him and let Him inspire you to be your best you.

With Love,


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