LIFE: Know Right AND Do Right

Most of the time we know what’s right, but it can be much harder to do right.  Knowing can be easy, doing can be difficult.   Or is it possible that we make it more difficult?  I think both, but most of the time we make things more difficult than they really are.

We have to get to a point of realizing that our lives are dependant on our decisions- not our knowledge.  Your life will not be a reflection of what you know, but rather what you do. Knowing is important, but doing is more important.

What are you doing?  Are you doing right?  Living right, speaking right, thinking right?  What about relationships- Are you treating people right?  Being honest and loving?

All these things matter.  If we want good lives, I’m convinced that we must do right things.

An important thing for me is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is right, yet it is so hard!  But I know that me being the best me and living the best life is dependent on me forgiving.  So, I get on my knees, pray to the Lord and ask Him to help me forgive.  I do it because it’s right and I want my life to be right.

What about you?  Are you doing what’s right?  If not, do what you need to do in order to get it right.  Your life is dependent on it.

Yours Truly, Margo

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