Education Isn’t Everything

Ok, I must admit, right now I’m a bit frustrated and disappointed.

I haven’t already shared this, but now is the perfect opportunity- I’m working on my master’s.

But you know what I just learned?  Education isn’t everything.

I just left a class discussion where the  majority of the women (young women) basically supported gold-digging, receiving money for ‘companionship’, sexual relationships, or as my professor so accurately labeled it: prostitution.  We were discussing how there are now tons of organizations recruiting young, beautiful woman to pair them with rich old guys.  Now, hear me and hear me clearly: I’m not judging.  We are all imperfect, we’ve all done wrong, and we’ll all made mistakes.

The reason that I’m upset is because this was glamourized.  The young proponents didn’t see anything wrong with it.  They even argued how there were ‘clear expectations’ involved.  I not once heard the word morals.  Or, values, or respect for self.  Nope.  No one said anything remotely close.  What I did hear, however, is how everyone is harder on the women than the men.  How, it should be all about choice.

There was a time in my life when I felt as if education made you different.  That you were somehow ‘good’ and ‘right’ because you were educated.  But, tonight while sitting in a master’s level persuasion course I got proved wrong.

One thing I know for sure, I want to earn my education while striving to maintain an ethical character- respecting myself and others.  I want to be known not for being perfect, but for being able to discern right from wrong, and for having the courage to do what is right.

Ok, I feel better now.  But I am still a little upset.


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