Republican Debate: My Thoughts

Ok.  I’m watching the Republican debate with my family and I can’t take it anymore.  I have to write.  Here are my thoughts:

Personally, the two strongest candidates are Christie and Trump.  They are both bold, assertive, and direct.  Of course Trump has a tendency of not answering directly, such as not answering how much the wall will cost, but for the most part he’s direct.  Christie directly addressed the legalization of marijuana, while Rand Paul exaggeratted the story of the mother whose young daughter needs the drug for medical reasons.  I’m with Christie and Fiorina- legalization of marijuana is no good.  I believe it will lead to more harm than good.

The next two strongest candidates, in my opinion, were Fiorina and Rubio.  They both used a reasonable balance of statistical and emotional appeal.  Rubio stressed the importance of looking out for the middle class, and he has logical thoughts on immigration due to his family being hard-working immigrants.  Fiorina displayed grace, strength, and boldness.  She was one of the few that didn’t seem intimidated by Trump.

Lastly and unfortunately (honestly), Ben Carson was the weakest candidate on the stage.  He took too long to make his points, spoke with little conviction, and he even appeared scared to take a stand and face debate and conflict.  At one point when discussing minimum wage he simply said they should all sit down and make a decision.  I’m no presidential candidate, but Carson I’m sure it will take more than that.  Additionally, he’s a pediatric doctor and when discussing immunizations he weakly rattled off research, however, after Trump expressed his thoughts he submitted and agreed with Trump.  Trump even patted him on the back afterward.

Ok, I’m done.


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