LOVE: When it’s right it’s RIGHT

I’ve had so many experiences with relationships, but what I’ve found is that when it’s right it’s RIGHT.  There is no mistaking, confusing, or wondering what it is.  When it’s right it’s right and you’ll know it.

I’m thankful for all the wrong experiences because they help me to value this right thing.  I’m appreciative and even more appreciative because I know how it feels to be alone and taken advantage of.

When it’s right he won’t feel pulled between you and her.  When it’s right you don’t have to pressure him.  When it’s right you don’t wonder how he feels.  When it’s right he will tell you.  When it’s right you will feel it.  You will feel content.

When it’s right you will experience things you’ve never experienced.  And you’ll be thankful.

I’m so thankful that I have that RIGHT love.


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