LIFE: My Friends Encourage Me

Wow.  I’ve had conversations with two FRIENDS today and I feel moved to write.  The reason I capitalized FRIENDS  is because they are true friends and I have very few friends.

The funny thing is I don’t talk to these friends on a daily basis.  We actually go long periods without talking at all.  But the beautiful thing is that when we connect we really connect.

You know how you may talk to some people regularly but the connection isn’t all that strong.  You question their motives and you may even disagree with their beliefs quite often.

I’m coming to appreciate real friends who are genuine, honest, loyal, direct and encouraging.  Friends who truly get you and want the best for you.  So many people around us have secret feelings about us.  We may not know the exacts but we know we get a certain ‘feeling’ to clue us in.

The few friends I have also only have a few friends.  I think it’s wise to get to a point of realizing that you may socialize with many, but your friends will be few.  I think it’s smarter and safer this way.  

I also believe that some of the best friendships are when both friends are committed to growing and changing.  Without that component, one friend stays the same while the other changes and their understanding of each other begins to diminish.

Today, one of my friends disucssed how she notices that one of her friends exaggerates and manipulates.  She said she didn’t even feel the need to call her on it.  She’s just giving her space.  That really spoke to me.

We have to learn to follow our instincts to make the best decisions.  We can’t always do what satisfies people, we have to learn to do what’s best for us.

Before I go I want to share two things my friends said to me today.  I secretly wrote while talking to them.  🙂

“It won’t be easy, but you can do it.”

“I’ve lost so much but I’ve gained so much.”

I’m thankful for encouraging, insightful, wise friends.


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