5 Thoughts at 5 a.m.

1. We can only overcome evil with good!  We have to be strong to be able to not let evil overtake us.  When people do us wrong, we can’t go back at them to get even.  Anyone can do that, but it takes true inner strength to still be able to show love to someone who secretly (or publicly) has it out for you.  If we want to live positive, healthy, successful lives then we have to be able to overcome evil with good.  Reject a bad thought for a positive one.  Focus on any good aspect of a negative situation.  Don’t let your mind lead you down focusing on the bad.  Keep your mind, your heart, your actions on doing good.  It’s not always easy but we can do it.

2. Be strong!  No matter what goes on in our lives we must always tell ourselves that we are strong enough to handle it.  No matter what our children go though we have to be able to stay strong for them; we must always encourage them.  No matter how we feel we have to know that we have what it takes to get the job done.  Be strong.

3. Keep your eyes off people.  People are distracting.  Don’t place so much faith and trust in people.  Now hear me, we must have balance, but we must also have wisdom.  People change.  They change their mind, they change their feelings, they change their beliefs, attitudes, etc.  Don’t focus so much on people, don’t expect too much from people.  Don’t rely on large crowds around you, don’t rely on compliments or approval, don’t get addicted to praise, no. Love people, maintain healthy relationships, but don’t focus on people too much.  You may get dependant and we should depend on God alone, not people.

4. Always have priorities.  Know the proper order of things.  Know what comes first, remind yourself of what’s most important to you.  For example, home and family come before church.  God comes before money.  Get what I’m saying?  Without proper priorities we will have tons of regrets.  Always know your priorities and focus on  what’s most important.

5. Be sincere.  Don’t talk about people behind their back.  Don’t snoop and pry to find out private information about people.  Don’t assume, don’t criticize, don’t be fake.  Don’t think one thing and say another.  Don’t befriend someone only to secretly plot against them.  These things are far more common than we’d like to admit.  Be wise with your dealings with others.  And be sincere.

With Love,


5 thoughts on “5 Thoughts at 5 a.m.

  1. I love your wise thoughts! I’ve missed reading them because I’m getting ready for our District Congress next week. I’ll be so HAPPY when you can get involved with the Young Adult Women in our District — you can bring so much that is needed because you are a wise and sincere saint who can lead the way. I hope school is going good.
    Tomorrow I’ll be going to Metropolitan and Mt. Zion to make an appeal. I may be able to get to Paradise before Pastor gets up to preach. Love you guys — sista’ sandra (auntie-granny)

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    1. Aww, I always love your feedback. You are so appreciated! We love you and yes I’m looking forward to getting more involved as well. All will happen in the time. We are certainly planted at Paradise. Love you Sister Sandra.


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