20 Lessons From My 20’s

I turned 30 yesterday so I’ve been reflecting!  My 20’s were filled with more twists and turns than I would have ever imagined, but one thing I can say is I learned alot! I’d be surprised if another decade is filled with as much growth as my 20’s.  

Here are my top 20 lessons from my 20’s:

1. Jesus is real.  My life was completely changed when I gave my life to Christ.  I don’t even want to think about the direction that my life would have gone (or continued to go) had I not accepted Christ.  This was by far the best decision that I made in my 20’s.

2. Learn your lesson.  Don’t make excuses and don’t keep doing the same thing once you see it’s not working!  Face the truth, own your part, learn your lesson and do better.

3. No sex is best.  Oh my gosh, saying no to sex reveals so much!  The quality of your relationships will improve.  You may have less but they will be far better.  If you are wanting to eventually settle and get married then saying no to sex will get you there much sooner.  Trust me. 

4. Don’t break the law.  It’s not worth it.  You will pay for whatever you do (even if you get away with it sometimes).  Laws are in place for a reason and even if you don’t agree with them you are gambling with your life and your freedom each time you decide to do what you want vs. doing what’s legal.  Just do the right thing.

5. Jealousy is real.  For some reason, I have always shyed away from thinking that people were jealous of me.  This isn’t wise.  Face the truth and accept that some people will be jealous of you and unfortunately it may even be people that are close to you.

6. Relationships change.  Over time as you change your life will change and your relationships will change.  This is okay.  Don’t try to force anything, just go with it and know that in life relationships will change.

7. People notice you.  Whatever you do people will notice.  Do the right thing and people notice.  Work hard on your job and promotions will come to you.  Live with a high standard and people will wonder “Who is she?”  or “Who is he?”

8. Progress is difficult.  Don’t think for one second that anything worth while will come easy.  Have a mind to work and trust that good results will follow.  Don’t give up easily, accept that you will have to work hard to get what you want and deserve.

9. Beauty is within.  Focus more on your inner self than your outer self.  When your insides are clean it shows on the outside, and you’ll have to spend less time on your outward appearance.  It really works, you’ll be amazed.

10. Alone is good.  It’s okay to be alone!  It’s ok being single and it’s ok not running with big crowds!  You’re able to accomplish so much and learn so much when you’re alone.  Be comfortable spending time by yourself.

11. Difficulties pay off.  You will have trouble but it will build your chracter, your attitude, your appreciation, and your endurance.  Don’t run from hard times, stay there and deal with them.  Later you’ll see how beneficial they really were.

12. College is important. College will change you in more ways than one!  You’ll build relationships with some very fascinating people, you’ll learn how to manage time, you’ll become a more effetive communicator, plus you will have the ability to earn much more money over your lifetime.  College is very important.

13. Don’t party too much.  Not everyone goes through the party stage but if you do just keep it at a stage (not a lifetime) and don’t do it too much.  When you are partying, it shows.  Just like someone on drugs.  You don’t have to ask a drug addict if they’re on drugs, no you can just tell.  Also, always handle business before partying.  Business before pleasure.

14. Choose friends wisely.  The direction of your life is greatly influenced by the company you keep.  Hang around people that you can learn from.  Don’t just hang with anyone, you never know what type of situation you could find yourself in.

15. No one’s perfect.  Everyone has a story.  Don’t think for one second that others don’t have anything in their past to be ashamed of.  You’ll be surprised.  And don’t be so hard on yourself.

16. Things change.  Don’t ever be so confident in your current situation.  Don’t ever feel like you can’t live without this amount of money a year.  Things will change so you need to stay flexible and know that no matter what changes you have the strength to handle it.

17. Talk less.  Listen more, you learn more that way.  You learn people that way.  Don’t talk just to fill in silence.  Nope, silence can be good.  And don’t feel the need to impress, don’t brag.  We all have eyes to see.

18. Church is important.  Church really makes a difference.  You will never be perfect but church will help you be your best you.  

19. Just do good.  What goes around comes around.  Do good so good will come back to you.  Doing good goes farther than you may think.  Your actions reflect your character and the world needs people with good characters.

20. Be personable.  Smile, talk to people, share yourself with others, be friendly.  You will learn more, build more relationships, and even feel better about yourself.

My 20’s weren’t easy, but I thank God I made it through.  Thank you for reading and I hope you found inspiration in this list.  

I made it to 30!  šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “20 Lessons From My 20’s

  1. Hi Margo! I love this post. I really like how u have summed up your experiences it helps to confirm that everyone goes through similar growth stages (I hope everyone grows ha-ha). I’m 23 & my blog is literally about me going through my 20s and most of what you say I have or am starting to realise or be advised about (parents) so I’m sure in the near future I will see the truth of it. Great Post! āœØ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, I understand! I’m so glad you commented because I tried to comment on your about page yesterday but my computer was giving me issues! I’m following your blog and I’m excited about continuing to read your thoughts! You seem very mature! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and yes keep learning and growing! Unfortunately, not everyone grows. We have to be INTENTIONAL about learning and growing and it can hurt sometimes and not everyone chooses to go through that process. I’m excited for you because I know that you will continue to learn AND grow! šŸ™‚

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