LIFE: It takes time

Everything takes time.  Some things can only be revealed to us with time.  Some things can only be learned with time.  And some things can only happen with time.

I believe that many times we overlook the importance of time.  We try to rush things, or we get overly excited too soon.  Give it time.  We must allow our relationships to properly develop with time.  Don’t expect too much too soon.  Don’t think you know it all already.  No, give it time.

What about your goals?  What do you want to accomplish?  Sit down, map it out, and give it time.  Work at it but accept that it won’t happen tomorrow.  Nope, it needs time.  Pace yourself, have patience and know that you will accomplish it all with time.

Working out?  Want to live a healthier lifestyle?  Set small goals today but accept that you won’t lose 20 pounds in a day.  Or a week.  Nope, it takes time.  Do right, continue to do right and you’ll see positive results with time.

There are so many things that I’m learning in my life right now (as we all are if we’re paying attention) and I’m learning that some things I could’ve only learned with time.  No one could have prepared me or even warned me about some of the things I’ve learned.

Time has taugh me, though.

Don’t worry about what’s to come.  Don’t stress about knowing it all.  You will learn everything at the right time as long as you’re paying attention.

So pay attention and understand that many things in life only need a little time…

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